Reasons Why Artificial Christmas Trees May Be A Better Buy

by Mulveys Hardware on December 05, 2022

Should you go for a real versus an artificial Christmas Tree this year? It is an enduring debate.

Of course, we all know the pleasures of a sweet-smelling real Christmas tree. But there may be a host of practical and environmental reasons why it may be the apparent choice sometimes.

Here’s a surprising idea. It doesn’t always have to be a mutually exclusive choice. But for some of us, there may be a place for both.

We aren’t saying real trees are harmful. On the contrary, there are so many good reasons for having one - They smell nice, they look and feel natural, and you can recycle them. But sometimes, real Christmas trees may not be the best solution depending on your circumstances. 

Read on as we look at why artificial Christmas trees may be a good buy in some cases.


Artificial Trees are a Solution for Tight Spaces

There could be some very practical reasons to opt for an artificial tree if you live in an apartment or cottage where floor space and ceiling height are tight. Finding the perfectly sized tree will take a lot of work.

And even if you do have a spacious apartment, it might be trickier to transfer your tree. Through a small elevator or tight flight of stars, especially if you live in an older listed multi-storey property.



  • Artificial trees can come in various sizes, right down to tabletop versions
  • They are assembled in parts and can be brought in and stowed away in tight spaces


There are Artificial Trees for Tight Budgets

Let’s face it. It can be an expense to splurge on a new tree every year. On the other hand, an artificial tree, even of a substantial size, can be stored away and reused year after year.

It saves you from spending annually on not just the acquisition but also the transport and disposal costs of a new tree every Christmas season.


Artificial Trees for More Than One Location

Multiple artificial trees could be an easy solution if you have a more extensive property that requires multiple tree installations.

You may prefer a real natural statement tree in the big bay window for all to see. However, you may also want a funky design for the den or a smaller design for a secondary sitting room or central landing space. Getting an artificial tree may be helpful for secondary displays.


Artificial Trees are More Convenient

Artificial Trees are better for busy people, businesses & holiday premises.

If you run a business with a busy reception space or multiple locations, using artificial trees is both a cost-saving and a time-saving exercise.  Even a more costly artificial tree model will work out cheaper in the long run, the more you use it.


They're more Hygienic.

Artificial trees don’t shed, meaning a more hygienic reception or office space is guaranteed. In addition, the artificial tree won’t contain any minute pests embedded in the bark or foliage since it contains PVC or synthetic materials.

It may bode well, especially if you are conscious of triggering office allergies or bringing in unwanted bugs. 


They Are a Time saver.

It also means the team wastes less time transporting and disposing of the tree when the season is over. There is also less cleaning up as it won’t be shedding needles daily.


They do not require regular watering.

If you have multiple properties, for example, a secondary home on Airbnb, artificial trees are the better way to go - you get to create an atmospheric space and show seasonal hospitality without the mess or regular maintenance needed with a natural tree.


They Last for a longer Festive Season

Let’s face it - Christmas does stretch on for longer these days with many Irish homes putting up trees in mid-November the moment Halloween is done and dusted!

It may be hard to find natural trees in mid or late November and even if you do , they may not survive through to the 6th of January - the last official day of Christmas. 


Artificial Trees Could Be Kinder On Natural Habitats

The most significant reason for using an artificial Tree means we’re chopping down one less tree every year and, in doing so, leaving natural ecosystems and habitats alone to flourish and develop.

But it can be argued that reforestation mitigates against any depletion year on year.


Real Trees Versus True BioDiversity

Nevertheless, it can also be argued that chopping down a tree doesn’t just remove a single unit from the forest but a whole micro-habitat. It is a disruption to the ecosystem.

A tree is a home for a diverse range of minibeasts and supports the odd birds nest too.

Forcing the reforestation of our countryside with just one species of tree, farmed for Christmas consumption may also be considered unnatural. A naturally occurring forest hosts a wider range of tree and plant species, and therefore greater biodiversity.


Re-cycling Versus Re-using

It can be argued that reusing the same tree every year consumes less energy than the re-harvesting, transportation, Storing, Selling and recycling demands of a real tree every single year.

Re-farming and repeat consumption of real trees probably produces more waste than reducing and reusing the same tree. Perhaps the land could be better used for Natural biodiverse forests or farmed with food products instead?


Christmas TREE Decorating Tips

For extra Christmas tree decorating tips, head to a blog we made earlier: Dress up Your Christmas Tree like a Pro! Grab These Festive Decorating Tips.

Don’t forget to stop by our Christmas Catalogue section to see the supplies, lighting and tree brands available.


Find the Right Tree For You

We also have a special Artificial Christmas Tree section. Here are some options that come in varying heights and its own sturdy metal stand in each case:


Artificial Trees With Extra Decorative Touches

  • Noble Cone Artificial Christmas Tree - This tree option rises to a substantial 8ft / 240cm and has 1250 branch tips. Its unique feature? It comes already decorated in pine cone decoration. There is also a 7ft and 6ft model.
  • Alexander Artificial Christmas Tree comes in at 7ft / 210cm with 869 branch tips, a metal Stand, and Hinged Branches. It boasts extra features like snow-tipped branches and is a Pre-lit tree with 500 LED warm white lights.
  • The Snowy Imperial Pine Christmas tree is a delightfully versatile piece that will last year after year and give you a heavier snowy effect. It is available in 6ft / 180cm with 525 branch tips and Hinged Branches. There are also 7ft and 8 ft options.
  • Need berry and cone decorations? Our Red Berry Christmas Tree also comes in 6ft , 7ft and 8ft options.

This is just a taste of a wider range of Species options and sizes.


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