Decluttering, Space-Saving Shower Makeover and Tidy Tips

by Mulveys Hardware on January 03, 2023

Let’s face it. The last thing you want when walking into the shower is a messy, cluttered space that will get in the way of a relaxing experience!

You’ve been there, right? You’re tripping over bottles on the floor, stuff topples over the moment you move an elbow, and you spend more time putting stuff back on the shelves than having a calm relaxing shower.

What’s more, you’ll be wasting time (and hot water) looking for your shampoo, scrubbing brush, etc....…

If you’re on the verge of doing a bathroom renovation or looking to just invest in a quickie bathroom tidy or makeover, take a look at some of these decluttering, space-saving shower tidy tips.


Shower Decluttering Ideas For a Quick Makeover

There are some great products that you can install quickly into an existing shower area. The key idea here is to keep as many items off the shower tray floor as possible.


Wall-mounted Caddy Systems

Spring-loaded Support Rail Systems

If you do not want too much disruption or drilling into your existing tiling, you can opt for a spring-loaded support rail that extends from floor to ceiling.

It is a framework from which you can mount associated shelving or hanging storage accessories. In addition, it works as a corner unit, so it does not encroach on tight shower spaces.

Depending on the supplier or brand, these can come in various finishes to blend neatly with your


Suction Caddies and Trays

If you need a small,  simple solution, consider suction caddies that can be wall mounted on your shower tiles. These can be simple plastic tumblers holding brushes, sponges or smaller containers.

You could also source suction longer trays that fit onto glass shower doors.


Shower Rail Hanging Accessories

If you have a sturdy shower rail, you can hang light textile-based or mesh-based hanging pockets for storing your toiletries. Hang them inside the curtain for a less cluttered look in your bathroom.

You’ll probably want to insert lighter items like brushes and loofahs to be on the safe side.


Freestanding Bathroom Storage

Remove the pressure on shower space by installing a simple, slim free-standing bathroom shelving unit outside your shower. This is ideal if you have extra floor space in your bathroom and free wall space to facilitate a tall, narrow-standing unit.

This needs to be sourced in a material that won’t degrade organically or get mouldy over time and is also rust resistant due to steam and moisture in your bathroom.

Some use a freestanding storage ladder just outside the shower space. Just make sure wooden materials are treated to be mould resistant.


Shower Ideas For Planning a Renovation

Shower Recess Shelving for small spaces

A great add-on to consider if you’re renovating or rebuilding a bathroom space. Think about it. You have a chance to change the structure of your bathroom space.

An alcove shelf or recess storage will mean one less thing jutting out and impeding your precious shower space while providing additional storage surface area.

These can be built into a space that isn’t structural, like a stud wall or around pipework that needs to be disguised.

  • Keep the tiling inside the recessed area identical to the surrounding wall tiles for a more minimalist, less cluttered effect, so your eye isn’t drawn to the shelving area.
  • Another great trick to give the illusion of more space? Add a mirror to the back of your recessed area.
  • Here’s another tip: ensure enough height in the alcove shelving to accommodate taller bottles or receptacles in your toiletries collection.


Built-in Shower

If you have a broader, more ample shower space, invest in a built-in floating shower bench on the far end of the shower space.  It will double up as a seated area. You can also insert more storage underneath.


Towel rail systems

If you have a more oversized wetroom-style shower, you can invest in a towel rail com hanging system on the far end of the shower space for suspending items.


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